Art for Healing

Sonia Baez Hernandez‘s Carcinoma le dual impossible

“The history would include not only the contingencies that befall a body, impugning on it from the outside – a history of accidents, illnesses, misadventures that mark the body audits functioning, such history would also have to include the “raw” ingredients” out of which the body is produced- its internal conditions of possibility, the history of its particular tastes, predilecltions, movements, habits, postures, gait and comportment.”

Elizabeth Grosz, Volatile Bodies Toward a Corporeal Feminism

Reconstruction I, fiber and portrait 2021
Untitled , installation and poem Container (detail Back)
Reconstruction II, fiber, hanger-wood, 2002
Neighboring Tissue, installation
Muchedumbre, Knowledge on Organic Mutation, installation
Women Will to Release the Power of Women, installation
Angel on Historical Mutation, installation
Arm -Becoming Flower, installation fiber
Body Encode with Science, installation

Art Reviews

Women Artist Rewrite Myths about Periods by Uszerowiczi in Hyperrallergic 2017

artwork exploring the the beauty and banality of periods, by Blair Cannon, I.D Magazine Vice 2017

Women Artists Put Their Periods on Display inn a Menstrual Timed Exhibit by Maria de los Angeles, Miami NewTimes 2017

Period-Themed Art Exhibition wants Society to Rethink Menstruation Period, by Elyssa Goodman, Vice

“There are images of breasts — or representations of them — being manipulated and gouged with medical equipment, nipples being reformed, and more abstract images of the process of body reconstruction. And there are many images of that impossible female form, Barbie, undergoing various medical treatments.” Tschida 2013

Art That Forces off with Illness by Anne Tschida, Knight Foundation Newsletter