Sonia Baez Hernandez

“In The Care of the Self,.” Foucault meticulously describes what terms the “practices of the self” …, recommended in antiquity by the Stoic philosophers. These include the care of one’s self, which can only be carried out under the direction of spiritual guide;; the attention paid to the body and the soul which the “care of one’s self” implies exercises of abstinence; examination of the conscience of the self, filtering of representations; and finally, the conversation of the possession of the self. M. Foucault conceives of the practices as “arts of existence” and “techniques of the self”

Philosophy as a way of Life, by Pierre Hadot
Navigation, drawing mixed media
Pink Overtones, drawing mixed media
Huellas sin Dejar Huellas, darwing mixed media on paper
Transformation, mixed media
Beyond Imprints, drawing, chiaroscuro

Layers of Transfigurations, drawing mixed media

On Contemplation, drawing, Mixed media
Tinted Self Lines of Flights, drawing mixed media
Infiltration, drawing ink on velum