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Artist in Residences

ProjectArt Digital Imprint ProjetctArt Artist in Residence exhibition hosted 2021

Corporal Dade ProjetctArt Artist in Residence, exhibition hosted mocanomi 2020

Artistic Dreams Fulfilled at Homestead Library in the News Leader Project part of Miami ProjectArt 2020

Praxis Center 2013

Online Catalogues

Global/Boderless Caribbean XII Haitian Cultural Arts Alliance Curated by Edouarard Duval Carrie, and Marie Vickles Miami at Little Haiti Cultural Complex 2021

Aimbiennial Co-curators Marie Vickles, William Cordova, Gean Moreno,and Mikaile Salomon

Mujeres con Fardas de Serpientes y Talonses de Aguila | Women with Serpent Skirt and Eagle Talon Curator Dr. Martina Ayala

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I appreciated the generosity of my artists friends for sharing their documentations my artwork and performance wit

Diego Perez, Diana Solis, Adrienne Chadwick, James Schot, Louis Davis, Thabata Mudra, Flor Mayoral, Peter Eversoll, William Cordova, Rollie Hudson, Jeff Matter