on Memory my friend Miguel Laclaustra

Death smells, 
   in a distorted, tormented body, gnawed by SIDA.
     The hospital
       kept him alive with muscular 
         intervention of modern medicine.
                   Encrustation of
                     liquids and millions of translucent
                      plastic system
                         attaching themselves with violent gestures  to 
                            his oblige, his anus, his mouth...

                         Thousands and Thousands
                          of plastic tubes of melted medicine
                          and flesh an anorexic body. 
                          Becoming translucent, the colossal devour  bones, flesh, visions,  
                      our eyes inflamed of tears.
    in Dialogo  Centro  For Latino Reaserch 2008

Between Salome  and Penelope
Salome waited as Penelope; but
stripped of Desires, undoing the web 
of words that codify ...

While the bed of olive three unfolds a promise.
Salome deciphers the disguise of seduction...

Penelope without the rose of winds stands
to discover the indigo flame of mending
with the treats of distance.

Salome mending tears; but
lingering the return
to surpass the threats of decapitation.

Dialogo  Centro  For Latino Resaerch 2008

Born Equal